Manual Handling Course (Objects)

Manual Handling Course

Manual Handling Course. If you are involved in the moving, handling and transferring of heavy objects within your job role, then this course will make sure that you have the knowledge and skills to work safely and legally.

Within this course we will give you the a clear understanding of the legislation that affects you and your organisation. As well as health and safety and manual handling legislation, we will also ensure that you have all the legal information that you need to ensure the people you are working with are also kept safe.

The moving and handling of large and heavy objects is an unavoidable part of working life, however it is also one of the biggest causes of back problems and injuries. This course will ensure that the tasks are being carried out as safely as possible with minimum risk to staff.

When you have completed this manual handling course you will have:

  • knowledge of how the spine works and an appreciation of the principles of biomechanics in an easy to understand way.
  • an understanding of ergonomics which will help you to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • the skills to undertake manual handling manoeuvers safely in your working environment using portable aids and equipment.

Duration – 3 Hours

Location – This is a workplace specific course there open courses are not available

Cost – £250 for up to 12 members of staff at your venue

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