Infection Control Training


Infection control training now plays an important part in the battle against Hopsital Aquired Infections and antibiotic resistant infections. With less and less treatment options becoming available it is now more important than ever that staff are trained properly in correct infection control measures.

The Infection control training course is aimed at staff working within the Health and Social care environment. Members of staff will understand the importance of why we need to have infection control measures implemented in the workplace. At the end of this training session members of staff will have a thorough understanding of the obligations and responsibilities that should be performed when dealing with infection control issues. In addition to this staff members will be able to demonstrate and explain hand washing techniques along with having an understanding of maintaining a clean environment.

Outline of Programme

  • Definition of Infection Control
  • How individuals become infected through the chain of infection
  • Different types of germs and infection
  • Health Care Associated Infections
  • The importance of infection control and the management of HCAI
  • How to wash hands effectively and appropriately
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Prevention of infection
  • The importance of policy and legislation regarding infection control

Duration – 2 Hours

Location – This is a workplace specific course so not available as an open course

Cost – £250 for up to 12 members of staff

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