Caring Intervention Level 1 – Breakaway (1day)

This breakaway course has been designed so that you can achieve a specific qualification in physical intervention at level one. This will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills that you will need to act appropriately and effectively in challenging and confrontational situations.

You will be given information that will enable you to understand the law in relation to the use of physical force for your own personal defence and that of others and you will learn the skills to appropriately and effectively be able to break-away and defend against a violent assault.

This course will give you the skills so that you can:

  • Define, deal and cope with conflict appropriately, professionally and effectively
  • Understand what de-escalation techniques are and how to use them
  • Understand the law relating to the use of ‘reasonable force’
  • Understand the Physical ‘Breakaway’ techniques & personal safety
  • Understand inappropriate and Dangerous techniques

You will also be given effective practical skills in Physical ‘Non-harmful’ (breakaway) techniques.

Duration – 1 Day

Location – This is a workplace specific course, therefore not available as an open course

Cost – £450 for up to 12 members of staff

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