Food Safety Training Level 3

Food Safety Training Level 3 / Food Hygiene Course

This course is the Food Safety Training Level 3 and is the industry standard for all staff who work in catering in a managerial or supervisory capacity or independent food business owners.

Who needs this qualification?

Managers and supervisors in small, medium or large catering, manufacturing or retail businesses. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor HACCP based food safety management procedures and systems.

Typical environments may include:

  • pubs, hotels, restaurants;
  • supermarkets and retail environments;
  • food and drink manufacturers;
  • hospitals;
  • care homes;
  • schools;
  • prisons.

Everyone who works with food has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensure that the food they serve or sell is perfectly safe to eat. Food safety and Food Hygiene is everyones responsibility within the organisation.

This course ensures that all staff understand what food safety is and how to carry out safe methods of food handling, storage and preparation. No matter what their role or responsibility.

This course is easy to follow and understand and is suitable for any member of staff and does not require any previous experience or knowledge in the subject. However previous completion of a Basic Food Hygiene Course or Food safety Level 2 would be a distinct advantage.

The course is relaxed and friendly and runs at a pace to suit every learner.

On this course members of staff will gain a firm understanding of the following topics;

  • Ability to implement and supervise a food safety management system
  • Understand food safety procedures
  • Understand the concept of food hazards and the risks associated with them
  • Understand the terminology with respect to supervising food safety
  • Understand the techniques involved in controlling and monitoring food safety
  • Appreciate the risks linked to cross contamination
  • Understand the role temperature has to play in the control of food safety
  • Appreciate the importance of supervising high standards of cleanliness in food premises

Refreshment of this qualification is recommended at least every three years.


Duration – 3 day course 

Location – See list below for dates of open courses

Cost – £175pp for open courses or £900 for up to 12 members of staff in your venue

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