Basic Life Support Training

Basic Life Support Courses.

On the Basic Life Support (BLS) course you will be show how to perform Basic Life Support (CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or the Kiss of Life)

This is a vital skill everyone should possess. On average, every year 30,000 people suffer from a cardiac arrest (Heart Stopping) in public. Only roughly one in ten survive this. This is because members of the public rarely get involved and perform BLS. Most haven’t been trained or don’t feel confident enough to do it.

Our basic Life Support Course will teach you all the skills needed. you will leave the course feeling confident enough to asses a casualty and commence CPR if needed. You will be able to effectively carry on CPR until help arrives to take over.

Effective CPR (Basic life Support) needs chest compressions and rescue breaths the Kiss of life. In recent years however the British Heart Foundation has launched the Hard and fast Campaign promoted by Vinnie Jones, which introduces Hands Only CPR. This does not involve the use of rescue breaths. This method will work temporarily if you have not been trained or are unable to perform mouth to mouth. However if you have been trained properly on the Basic Life Support Course then using full CPR with Mouth to Mouth is the the best thing to do.

The session duration is one and a half to two hours depending on numbers on the course.
Basic Life Support Course content:
How to assess for further danger
How to assess if a casualty needs Basic Life Support
How to perform CPR
How to place the casualty into the recovery position

Course Location – Various please contact us or we can attend your own workplace.

Cost – £30pp Open Courses or £250 for up to 12 people at your own venue

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