Fire Marshal Training


Fire Marshal Training. The threat of fire is an ever present one in all business and workplaces. Should it occur it has devastating consequences. Both in Human terms and business terms. All staff should be trained in Fire awareness to prevent this. This will hopefully prevent a fire from ever occuring but in the event it does all staff should know how to react to minimise the consequences. Our Fire Training courses are designed to educate all staff in line with Fire Safety regulations.

The Fire Marshal training course is designed for those members of staff who have been given the responsibility for the maintenance of the general fire precautions for their immediate working area on behalf of the responsible person and in assisting with clearance of the premises in the event of an evacuation. The aim of our course is to ensure that the delegates not only understand their role but more importantly fully understand the potential dangers that exist in the workplace.

Fire prevention is only achieved when maintenance of the working environment is carried out on a day to day basis and Fire Safety is only achieved when the Evacuation Procedures are inducted to new members of staff, retrained to existing members of staff, and confirmed as working by the use of fire drills.

The areas that will be covered in this fire marshal training course are:

  • Introduction to Fire Safety Regulations (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Overview of fire risk assessment process
  • Theory of fire (The Triangle)
  • Fire spread and Containment
  • The common causes of and the prevention of fire
  • Good housekeeping
  • Maintaining a means of detecting fire and of raising the alarm
  • Maintaining a means of escape
  • The inspection and safe use of extinguishers
  • The actions to be carried upon discovery of fire
  • The actions to be carried upon hearing the alarm
  • The evacuation process including provision for those needing assistance
  • Human psychology specifically relating to “Friendly Fire Syndrome” and how to prevent it.

Duration – 1 day

Location:  This is a workplace specific course so therefore not available as an open course.

Cost: £375 for up to 12 people at your venue

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